Roll Off Services

Our roll off dumpsters are the fastest way to get rid of your CD waste

Spend your time on the job site, not on the road

At Alamo Recycle Centers, we pride ourselves on our low tipping fees and short wait times. But we can save you even more of your valuable time! Our roll off container rentals are the perfect way to get all the savings of our CD recycling without ever leaving your job site!

Lose the hassle, keep the savings

Here’s how it works: We bring the roll off dumpsters to you. You fill them with shingles, wood and other materials that we accept. Then we’ll haul the roll off dumpsters back to our facilities. You can’t get more efficient than that!

Using our roll off containers, you still save 40 to 50 percent on tipping fees. And you don’t lose a second of the day hauling CD recycling materials to our facilities.

Click here to learn more about what materials we accept.