Recycling Services

Shingle Recycling

The United States manufactures and/or disposes of an estimated 11 million tons of asphalt shingles each year.  Of this 11 million tons, approximately 10 million tons is from installation scraps and tear-offs from re-roofing.  Because of this, using recycled asphalt shingles, or RAS, in new products is an important step toward reducing the negative environmental impacts associated with the extraction, transportation and processing of virgin materials.  By reducing the amount of virgin resources used in production, the costs for both manufacturers and consumers is reduced.

Shingle Recycling through Alamo Recycle Centers will drastically reduce your disposal fee all while enhancing your company's public image.

To save money, many contractors and homeowners will buy and use wholesale roof and asphalt shingles. But, because buyers can get a great price on a wholesale shingle, they will sometimes purchase more than necessary, leaving piles and piles of leftover shingles.

Users in the United States dispose of millions of wholesale asphalt and roof shingles every year. When buyers over purchase wholesale shingles, they are more likely to be careless when using the shingles. Millions of leftover shingles are installation scraps and other pieces left from reroofing errors. That is why it’s so important to recycle these shingles. Alamo Recycle Centers can help buyers to get rid of their leftover wholesale shingles quickly and safely, and allow them to be reused.

Using a recycled wholesale shingle will reduce the need for excess transportation and processing of new materials to make shingles, lessening the impact to the environment. There is also a significant reduction in costs to both manufacturers and shingle users.

It can be a huge drain on resources, time, and money to dispose of your own wholesale asphalt and roof shingles. But if you use Alamo Recycle Centers to get rid of your shingles, you can drastically reduce your disposal fees and become friendly to environment.

Wood Recycling

There are two types of wood product, C&D related wood and Organic. Fortunately, Alamo Recycle Centers recycles both.  Examples of C&D wood include lumber, pallets and plywood.  Organic wood is considered brush and tree limbs.