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Roofing Materials Making Illegal Dumping An Issue In Abilene

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Illegal dumping, on the other hand, can cost serious fines and even ABILENE, Texas -- The damaging hail storm Easter Sunday is still causing problems – with illegal dumping of roofing materials. Some roofers are illegally dumping material after their repairs.

KTXS spoke with Bill Whitley an Environmental Enforcement Officer, who said illegal dumping is always a problem in Abilene and that massive hail storm has only made the problem worse.

The storm has given roofers plenty of business, but it hasn't been good news for the landscape in some locales. Whitley said roofers have been dumping shingles in alleys or vacant areas.

"We're still having some dumping from roofers, and sometimes these roofers are just taking these shingles down an alley and dumping them in the trash cans. Sometimes they're taking to them to a vacant field or park," Whitley said.

Instead, Whitley said they should take them to the Abilene landfill, which does cost a fee or roofers can choose to go green with their waste.

However, the Alamo Recycle Center out of San Antonio is making money off of these asphalt shingles. Owner Robbie King decided to open up shop in Abilene this July. He said taking waste to the landfill is costly.

"To take a product to a landfill is very expensive," King said. "It's very expensive for the roofers and the people who are disposing of this product."

It saves King's customers money, while he makes a profit by reselling shingles – turning them from hail storm damage into environmentally friendly dollars. jail time