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Roofing Materials Making Illegal Dumping An Issue In Abilene

September 2, 2011, Abilene, TX - Owner Robbie King of Alamo Recycling Centers in San Antonio, Texas discusses the financial benefits of recycling shingles in this Abilene news story. Roofers disposing of damaged shingles could save money by working with Alamo Recycling Centers.

Abilene Business Helps Roofs Go Green

August 30, 2011, Abilene TX - Alamo Recycling Centers of San Antonio opens a new location in Abilene, TX. In this article, owner Robert King discusses the benefits of recycling old shingles as well as the financial benefit to local roofers. Tipping fees are much less when recycling with Alamo Recycling Centers than when taking the old asphalt shingles to the landfills. In addition, each ton of recycled asphalt shingles saves about two barrels of oil, another environmental plus! To read more, click on the link below!