Mobile Shingle Grinding

Contractors and other homeowners in the United States create and throw away more than 11 million tons of shingles every year. And most of these shingles are disposable pieces leftover from re-roofing and waste from roof tear-offs.

Many users need to do some shingle grinding after all these pieces are left. That is why they need the help of mobile shingle grinding and other shingle grinding service providers. But these services don’t only get rid of shingle pieces. There are also many environmental and monetary benefits of doing shingle grinding after your next roofing project.

The hot mix industry greatly needs ground shingle material. Alamo Recycle Centers provides roll off dumpsters to you and haul the materials back to their centers. A mobile grinding service provider will prepare the shingle grindings and reuse them based on current disposal, reuse specifications and requirements.

State officials strictly monitor shingle grinding in most states. Grinding services have all kinds of custom equipment and other materials that allow the materials to be recycled and reused correctly. Mobile grinding services then work with other companies to sell the products, ultimately saving your time and money, and helping the environment.