About Us

While you’re saving money, we’re helping save the planet

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Alamo Recycle Centers is a Construction & Demolition (C&D) recycling facility promoting  the environmentally friendly and economically feasible recycling of construction & demolition material. Striving for 100% diversion of all C&D material previously bound for the landfill, Alamo Recycle Centers is committed to finding alternative uses for all C&D material.

Alamo receives its C&D debris from two main sources - either through the rental and placement of roll off containers on C&D job sites, and/or from the delivery of C&D debris to one of our recycling facilities.  Greater than 95% of this material received by Alamo is then processed and converted into renewable energy or used to make new products, thus lessening our dependency on virgin materials and fossil fuels.

Just as asphalt is the most recycled product in America, Alamo Recycle Centers receives, cleans, tests and processes more asphalt shingles than any other product.  In addition to shingle recycling, Alamo Recycle Centers also recycles wood, metals, paper, cardboard, some plastics and tires.

Alamo Recycle Centers is currently working to increase the number of recycling facilities it owns and operates throughout Texas and the southern United States, thus helping the Construction & Demolition industry to decrease it's environmental footprint.  Check back soon for announcements regarding future recycling facilities.

The benefits of working with Alamo Recycle Centers include:

  • Conserving valuable landfill space
  • Decreasing our dependency of foreign oil
  • Reuse of previously mined aggregate
  • Reducing our use of virgin resources
  • Enhanced public image
  • Significant cost savings