Time is money - Alamo Recycle Centers can save you both!

On average our tipping fees are 40-60% cheaper than that of the landfills and we guarantee shorter wait times. Click on the map to the right for directions to one of our facilities! Click here to learn more about our C&D Recycling services. Because we know your time is valuable, our roll off services can save you a trip and allow you the luxury of never leaving the job site. Call us today and we will bring a roll off container to you and pick it up or replace it within 24 hours of you notifying us that it is full, guaranteed! Click here to learn more about our Roll Off services.Approximately 90% of all Construction & Demolition (C&D) material from a job site can be recycled, however, approximately 45% of all loads taken into our nation’s landfill are still comprised of material from a Construction & Demolition job site.